Documenting Afghan Women’s Narratives (D.A.W.N)

The British Afghan Women’s Society has recieved funding to start a new and exciting project which will document the lives of Afghan women who have settled in Britain. Project D.A.W.N (Documenting Afghan Women’s Narratives)

This project will focus on the heritage of British Afghan Women and demonstrate the contribution they have made to their local communities since the 1970′s through to the present time. It will be themed within specific periods taking in the various waves of immigration from Afghanistan. The unique history and heritage of the British Afghan community can be preserved and passed onto future generations. Experiences and memories of the arrivals in the UK of Afghans during the different time periods will create the basis of a historical comparative analysis to demonstrate the differences occurring.

In particular the project will look at the contribution of women both to the social and economies of their local communities. It will demonstrate the strength of many Afghan women to show a contrasting picture to the often negative image portrayed in the media.

This project will aim to provide a resource for education and research purposes that will be available for the community itself to gain deeper understanding of their own heritage; particularly important for young people. It will be available to those outside the community to allow them to gain increased  knowledge of the Afghan community and the diversity in them. It will highlight the social economical contribution that the Afghan women’s community has made to communities in the UK.

Please take a look at our Heritage Lottery Fund Press Release.


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