Afghan Senses

The British Afghan Women’s Society welcomes you to the delightful taste of Afghan Senses which showcases the exquisite cuisine of Afghanistan. Afghan Senses will not only ‘tickle your taste-buds” as far as Afghan food is concerned but it will also offer a unique insight into the rich and diverse culture of Afghanistan.

British Afghan Women’s Society came together with like-minded women to create a community kitchen cooking traditional food and want to share this experience with others. Food is an important part of any culture, but is particularly central to the Afghan way of life. As a group of women we realised that we are constantly surrounded by food. We cook for our families, friends and ourselves and feel that showcasing a positive way of engaging with the wider community what Afghanistan has to offer in the form of a diverse and delicious cuisine.

The women at the British Afghan Women Society prepare all the food as traditionally as possible; marinating and slow cooking the food go bring out the full flavours of the of the ingredients.

Afghan Senses as a project enables you to participate in the preparation, cooking, and eating experience in a

true Afghan atmosphere, where culture meets cuisine in all its amazing flavours and tastes.

The Afghan Senses project also provides a mobile catering service. You can order our food for your family parties, events and activities and it will be delivered straight to your door. We are able to provide catering services for between 10-100 people at any one time.

Afghan Senses offers good value ‘mouth-watering’ food from an authentic Afghan range of products and ingredients. We await your orders!

Afghan Senses Catering Project
Tel: 020 8373 6350