Youth Project

British Afghan Women’s Society works with young people and Unaccompanied minors in London, mainly from Afghanistan but not exclusively. Since 2002, We offer a range of free services including:

  • Counselling, Advice and Information
  • Referrals and advice with health, education, training and employment
  • Project based activities such as:
  • Discussions, Fun and Cooking
  • Art, Music and Drama Workshops
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The British Afghan Women’s Society has recieved funding to start a new and exciting project which will document the lives of Afghan women who have settled in Britain. Project D.A.W.N (Documenting Afghan Women’s Narratives)

This project will focus on the heritage of British Afghan Women and demonstrate the contribution they have made to their local communities since the 1970′s through to the present time. It will be themed within specific periods taking in the various waves of immigration from Afghanistan.

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Afghan Senses

The British Afghan Women’s Society welcomes you to the delightful taste of Afghan Senses which showcases the exquisite cuisine of Afghanistan.

Afghan Senses will not only ‘tickle your taste-buds” as far as Afghan food is concerned but it will also offer a unique insight into the rich and diverse culture of Afghanistan.

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Previous Projects

Find out more about our past projects.

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