Inspired By Hope

Welcome to our Inspired by Hope Corner.  This website is set up to helping Afghanistan’s young people in the UK to discover their unused enormous God given talent and potential. We believe that each and every one of you is destined for great achievement.

At our Inspirational Corner, it is our aim to provide the motivational tools needed to help you reach your full potential. I sincerely hope you will be able to use the resources and tools gathered for you, here in one corner. We all need to be inspired in life to progress further and excel ourselves to achieve more.

Every one is a winner, as long as he or she stays focused and committed to given the cause or subject, their absolute best but for all the best to be achieved and utilized, motivation is the tool to lift one’s spirit.

We invite you to get involved and become part of motivating others and to boost your day too.  So find time and visit, Inspired by Hope Corner to get motivated and to achieve your great goals in life.

There are many ways you can become involved, from simply sharing your individual inspirational stories, taking part to chose the most successful story of the year and or give few hours of your time per week or per month, share knowledge and skills to make this corner more exciting and turn your ordinary stories into extra ordinary and motivational tools for others.

Each one has a little of something to give and many more things to gain from all others.  Together lets develop that winner within yourselves you were all looking for.

Be inspired and motivate others, BE THE WINNERS!


Z. Rassa  __________ The Founder of BAWS