Spread the Word


Social media is a great way to get the word out about the work BAWS is doing with a team of dedicated volunteers running our small organisation. Follow our posts on facebook and twitter about campaigns we are running and events taking place throughout the year.  Also you can check out our DAWN page which highlights the work we are doing on our Documenting Afghan Women’s Narratives project.

You Tube

Type in British Afghan Women’s Society into youtube and watch our documentary “Ten Year’s On” to look at the work we have been doing in the community. Other videos related to Afghanistan are also listed when you search under British Afghan Women’s Society. If you are interested in making videos for the organisation which can be posted on youtube let us know.


The best way to help any society grow and flourish is to have a strong sense of community and shared values of tolerance, peace and human dignity. The Afghan community has suffered many tragedies of war and loss for several decades and needs a strong sense of community in this country and back home so it can get through these difficult times. At BAWS we offer a place for Afghan women to share their experiences and develop their skills in a warm, friendly environment. Many women have become depressed and traumatized after so much suffering and our role as a community is to keep hope alive for those who may feel lost in this society. We are optimistic about the future and would like to invite you to join BAWS and help in any way you can.