Winter Appeal Abdullah’s Flight

On the success of our two Appeal’s in 2012 a third Winter Appeal has been arranged called Abdullah’s Flight.

The flight, dubbed Abdullah’s Flight, raises the quantity of winter baby hats, sweaters, mittens, boots, and other warm clothing delivered to over ten tons. In addition, the citizens group is delivering an ultrasound machine to a local maternity hospital, which was donated by the Keihan Foundation in the Netherlands. Most of the clothing inthis delivery was collected by the Afghan-American Students Association at George Washington University in America. The Keihan
Foundation, a community service organization for Afghans living in the Netherlands, also collected a large quantity of winter baby clothing. (Extract taken from press release. To read in full click here….)

Please make a donation today, to support this third Appeal.


Further details about the previous appeal’s can be found below.

First winter Appeal called Ismail’s Flight 2012.

Second Winter Appeal called Deadra’s Fligth 2012.


We are in the process of arranging to take items from the UK. All those who have been enquiring about dates and locations we shall inform you once this Appeal goes live in the UK.