Case Studies

Winter Appeal

British Afghan Women’s Society initiated the Winter Campaign Appeal after a long and harsh winter in Afghanistan in decades killing hundreds of people due to harsh cold, snow storms and lack of shelter, only around 30 children all under the age of five died in Refugee camps in Kabul where about 35000 refugees live who have fled violence and war in their native areas, who do not have proper shelter living in tents without any heating facilities. While 60 other children were frozen to death in the Salang pass due to enormous snow storms.

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Act4Education has helped many students and schools throughout Afghanistan i.e. providing basic needs such as clean drinking water, school stationary and clothing among the most deprived children mostly orphans and disabled due to a decades’ long of violence and war.

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Ramadan Appeal

Ramadan appeal is a programme which collects donation from people on individual basis to offer to put food on table  those poor and needy people who do not have the means to buy food and break their fast, Muslims across the world observe fast from dawn till dusk during this month by staying away from eating or drinking. This programme is arranged in order to maximise donations collected, by daily, weekly or monthly food package to needy families. The Ramadan appeal was initiated last year Ramadan 2011 and since we have had two successful appeals.

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