Internally Displaced Families

In this video are internally displaced families talking about their experiences as Refugees in Pakistan and life now at IDP camps.near Kart-e-naw, Kabul. During this Blessed month of Ramadan we are raising funds to support such families. Your donations will go towards providing the basic food to ensure families can open their fast in peace and enjoy their Eid. Your donations will go towards supporting these women and children. Please make sure you donate as every little helps. Thank you.

Afghan Children making mud walls

This video was taken during our Winter Appeal 2012 (Deadra’s Flight). Our volunteers visited several Refugee Camps in Kabul in particular one called Chaman e Huzury. Young Afghan children are building mud walls to bestow their ownership on the area surrounding their tents. These mud walls provide some shelter and help combat the issues of bad wintery conditions such as gales and snow.